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    Selection guide

    How to choose and buy sanitary ware products?
    Sit class:
    buy sit implement, in addition to the modelling of the product itself, consumers should pay attention to the stand or fall of glaze most, glaze and pipe drainage effects depends on the size, first of all to pay attention to is the wall of the toilet from (toilet wall distance, refers to the pipeline drains center distance from the back wall). Standard wall is 300 mm and 400 mm from generally fall into two kinds. In addition, the choose and buy toilet also note blunt water means and water consumption. Common toilet flushing way has a type and siphon type two kinds. In general, the toilet flush straight strong pattern noise is big and the flavour easily. Siphon type sit lavatory belong to mute sit implement, water seal is higher, difficult to reverse. Sit implement water consumption, regulations of the state, family sit lavatory 6 l, sit lavatory 9 litres for water-saving toilet, some technical development capabilities and strong manufacturers, such as Ann for sanitary ware, vigorously develop 4.5 litres of urine separately sit lavatory flushing, in case, to insure the effect of flushing toilet water saving 67%, from the aspects of environmental protection and save use cost consideration, is a better choice.
    Bathtub types: according to the points with ordinary steel bathtub, acrylic bathtub, dupont plate, cast iron bathtub. Generally speaking, the ordinary steel bath cleaning easy, modelling is single; Yakeli bath crock modelling is rich, but life is short, after aging is not easy to clean; Cast iron bathtub long service life, high quality, the price is higher, more trouble handling, installation. Bathtub for dupont: dupont board is a kind of composite materials, its gloss good, strong plasticity, impact resistance, etc. It is better than the ordinary acrylic. Dupont plate bath compared with yakeli bath crock is feeling better.
    Basin class: the basin that wash a face in addition to modelling, consumers should pay attention to the stand or fall of glaze most, because of good glaze, do not hang dirty, easy to clean surface, use for a long time still if brightness is new. When the choice, but to the light from the side of the ceramic multi-angle observation, good glaze should be no splash, pinhole, sand holes and bubble, the surface is very smooth. Such as toilet area is lesser, generally choose column basin, toilet is large, generally basin and homemade mesa of form a complete set of choose and buy, but at present more popular in the sanitary ware manufacturer directly customized modelling is rich, sophisticated technology of countertops and bathroom cabinet, easier then. But commonly used while design bathroom ark manufacturer or mesa wall drainage way, in order to improve the product grade and sense of worth, so, had better be in toilet metope processing before buying, in order to modified water, reserved pipe well, prepare for the product installation, avoid rework or favorite product cannot be installed. Besides, this kind of products tend to have a certain order period, also need to order in advance to don't delay the construction period.
    Leading class: when bibcock of choose and buy must pay attention to the quality of the tap valve core, leading manufacturing the stand or fall of material and surface treatment, it remains to be seen whether its adaptability to water quality and water saving. General and high grade bibcock USES is imported ceramic valve core, with Italy and Germany for beautiful, fine abrasion resistance, long service life. Most manufacturing materials, high-grade bibcock USES brass manufacturing, due to the need of environmental protection, a few high-grade brand very pay attention to the manufactured ultra low copper, lead, ensure human health. Leading to chrome plating surface treatment is more, but if the surface treatment is not pass, state is very good, can buy but used for a period of time, plating color, can appear fall off phenomenon, so buying bibcock, particular demand manufacturer offers the quality of surface coating, warranty period shall be not less than three years. Because now China's urban water quality is not high, just tap water can have certain adaptability. Some failed to consider the use environment of China's imports bibcock, adaptability is not very good, and some of the high-end joint venture products often according to the practical application of domestic environment, develop their patent filtering technology, ensures the leading adaptability to water quality. High-grade faucet in outlet have multiple foaming device, and add a large number of bubbles in water, not only achieved the purpose of saving water, and water become soft, no splash.
    Category: shower shower sliding door from the structure points, a slide and hinge open two. Generally speaking, the hinge open shower sliding door shape concise fashion, easy to clean, long service life, high grade, the price is also higher. When choosing shower sliding door, must choose the glass is tempered with, so even if the broken glass caused by misuse, also won't cause harm to human body. Sanitary and maintenance.

    Δ ware categories:
    1. In order to ensure the implement of the correct installation, please use glass glue sealing, such as water and sediment mortar, the mortar than should be no greater than 3:1, in order to prevent the toilet because of too much stress.
    2. Do not into newsprint, paper urine pad to clean, sanitary napkin or is blocked.
    3. Accidentally fell into the toilet inside the debris should be removed in a timely manner. Jams immediately to attract gas out of leather.
    4. Do not make hard ware or coarse fabric contact with ceramic products, do not knock, impact.
    5. Regular use detergent scrub adherent dirt, wash not to drop, clean with the brush; Keep the surface clean.
    6. Can't use and storage under zero centigrade water environment.

    Δ sanitary class:
    1. Do not make hard ware or coarse fabric contact with ceramic products, do not knock. 2. Regular use detergent scrub decontamination, keep the surface clean. 3. Computer shower room, the most important is to prevent the leakage, check whether the circuit insulation, see repaired before using. 4. Inside the tub, and do not place unnecessary things, (towel, silk). 5. To avoid hurting bathtubs and piping, do not use sulfur and acid and alkali bath essence or organic solvent, hot spring water, also do not use.

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