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         Guangdong Yuechao Ceramics Co.,Ltd. established in 1994, specializes in study, research, new product development, manufacture and sales of sanitary ceramics. Besides producing sanitary wares, the company owns pug factory, glaze factory and also produces its own cartons and raw materials. It is capable of producing more than 8000,000 sanitary ware products a year; Our company maintains a high quality standard and in 2001 passed ISO9001:2000 International Quality Managements System Certification and attain 6 years "Keep watch in contract and credit enterprise" continuously, our products are recommended as environmental products by China Architectural Ceramics Association.

         Our quality and highly valued products are now exported to many countries including those in Europe, America, South Ease Asia, Middle East, Africa and so on; The company takes "exist with the quality, share the market with the trustworthiness, performance with the technology, development with the principle of management brand" to encourage the oneself, and finally win the trust of new old customers with high-quality service and superior products. Your cooperation and suggestions are sincerely welcomed.

    Tel:0086-768-6839728 / Fax:0086-768-6833888 / Add:Fengsi Industrial Area, Guxiang Town, Chaoan District, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, China
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